Mold Damage

Our own personal safety is usually the most important thing to us. Many times, we can avoid danger because we can identify it ahead of time and simply steer clear of it. This is not always the case however, and sometimes we can find ourselves dangerously close to something harmful and not even know it. This can happen quite easily when there is an issue in your home that is related to water damage.
Mold can develop anywhere there has been water or excessive humidity in the air. If you have suffered water damage in your home, the effected area needs to be dried and disinfected immediately to avoid mold.
There are test kits that are available for purchase at many stores that are easy to use for the homeowner and can tell you if there is mold in your home that you cannot detect visually. This should be done at least a few times a year. The rooms that you will want to focus most of your attention on will be the bathrooms and kitchen. This is where water is used most in a home, so naturally this is where mold will be most likely to breed. When running water in one of these rooms, be sure to provide plenty of ventilation to the room and use exhaust fans to help remove moisture from the room. For other rooms in your home that show high levels of humidity, consider using a dehumidifier to better control and regulate the air in that particular room.
Condensation can increase your chances of being invaded by mold, so be sure that items such as an air-conditioner are placed on a drip pan to catch the condensation. This is a good plan of action to use for a water heater as well. You will also want to use insulation wrap on any cold pipes to prevent condensation. Occasionally go through your entire home inspecting doors, windows, and all appliances to ensure that no moisture is coming in and building up. By keeping your home dry and free of any condensation, you will greatly increase the chances of never experiencing mold in your home.
If you have mold in your home and it has already spread extensively, you should contact a company that can provide you with a team of mold remediation experts that will be able to help you determine what all has been effected and the best way to go about the cleanup and restoration process. A team of experts will be able to utilize the best tools and anti-bacterial chemicals to ensure that the mold is removed and will not return. You need to be ready to discard any items or building materials that have been contaminated by mold and cannot be cleaned.
By practicing good prevention techniques such as the ones we have discussed, you will be far less likely to ever experience mold in your home. If you do see or detect the presence of mold, always turn to professionals to ensure that the remediation process in done correctly and thoroughly.