Smoke Damage

When you experience fire in your home, you will most likely experience anxiety as well during the aftermath. The number of things you will need to do immediately following a house fire can be overwhelming, and this is going on while you are also dealing with the fact that you will probably loose some very valuable possessions. While going over everything that has either burned in the fire or been damaged by water during the extinguishing process, smoke damage will probably be the farthest thing from worry. Ironically, smoke damage will also be the only thing on your mind after the restoration process is complete if it is not addressed properly. Smoke damage should be taken seriously and addressed right away if you have experienced a fire.
When you have suffered a house fire, the first thing you want to do is notify your insurance company to get a claim started. You also want to hire a professional restoration company to help you in accessing the damages and executing the restoration properly. During this time in the very beginning, be sure that the cost of the materials and labor of the smoke damage related to the fire is figured in as well. This is just as important as anything else in your home that has been effected by the fire.
Smoke can linger long after a fire has been extinguished and can travel throughout your home and do extensive damage to other rooms that were not near the area in which the fire had occurred. Smoke particles can actually seep deep inside the pores of building materials and do further damage, while also filling the room with a very distinct odor that can be quite terrible. Smoke damage can cause the need for building materials to be replaced just as fire and water damage can.
After the fire has been put out and your home has been declared by the fire department safe for re-entry, you will want to be sure that there is plenty of ventilation for the smoke to exit outdoors as much as possible by opening windows and doors. The use of fans would be a good idea too. This will hopefully route the smoke out of your home, rather than through it. A team of restoration professionals will then need to come in and begin the process of cleaning all effected materials. If there are any items or building materials that have been effected by the smoke and the smoke or related odor cannot be removed, the items or materials should be taken out of the home and discarded to prevent further contamination. There are several different kinds of smoke, so the restoration process will need to be handled differently according to what type of smoke damage is being cleaned.
A reputable restoration company will be able to determine what type of smoke damage has effected your home, and the best way to address the restoration process. They will have high-grade equipment that will do the best job at removing the smoke damage and salvaging any materials that can be save